How to grow your own Autoflower Cannabis at home

9 December 2020

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a horrible year due to covid but has also given recreational cannabis a significant growth spurt. With the imminent federal legalization coming in 2021 or the near future, users now have access and freedom to produce the most euphoric cannabis flower strains in the comfort of their home. This legalization also gave access to the freedom in planting amazing strains in our very own backyards and indoor grow rooms.

Of course, it’s certainly amazing to purchase some top shelf quality flowers from your favorite brands. But it’s also very rewarding and cost effective when you learn to grow your own favorite strains by controlling every growing process yourself. Depending on the state you live in here in the US, current cannabis policies permit the cultivation of the cannabis plants through maximum plant limitations. Autoflower seeds are high yield, low maintenance and thus, have become a popular go-to for growers looking to gain the extra buds at home for personal use.

Home cultivation of cannabis is not only cost-effective but incredibly simple and rewarding, provided you follow a few simple growing processes properly. Below we’ll address some of the tools and kits you’ll need to get started.

Grow Kits

If you choose to grow indoors, it is recommended that you buy a quality grow tent to control your plants’ environment. Grow tents are designed for indoor uses with limited space to grow from 3 - 10 plants and can be set up and dismantled quite easily.

The sheer variety of grow tents available on the market could baffle you as some brands come with expensive nylon plastic together with complex hydroponic tools. As a beginner, go for a simple grow tent that includes the basic equipment necessary for nurturing weed. You can even find one at your local hardware store.

The next thing you’ll have to buy is a grow light. You’ll want to go with LED lights since HPS or MH lights give off intense light beams that could overheat and hurt your plants. No matter the lighting system you choose, make sure it lights up the entire grow tent. For extra brownie points (pun intended) you can opt in a monitoring device to switch on and off the lights. Investing in an integrated carbon filter and an exhaust fan will be a plus as well for keeping out odors and preventing heat buildup.

A pedestal fan will facilitate the circulation of air, and a hydrometer helps control humidity and temperature. Finally, you’ll need Autoflower seeds that can germinate and grow fast providing you with a rich harvest. If you’re a fan of FastBuds, check out the newest strains Strawberry Pie and Gorilla Cookies here.

For growing mediums, we are going to use simple rich soil here by filling them up in 3-5 gallon grow bags. We’ll go more in depth on soil in another post.

post 3 grow room

Growth and taking good care of your flower at every growth stage

Once the seeds have sprouted, you can plant them in your grow bags. Lightly spray the seedling with distilled water in a spray bottle. Make sure to moist the soil around your seedling. Repeat this process until seedling sprouts the first leaves. From there, you’ll want to add 1 cup of water twice a day for a week until seedling begins the growing stage. After a week, you can scale up to 6 - 12 cups of water a day. We’ll include a separate watering schedule in another post.

As your plants reach the vegetative phase, and graduate to the flowering phase, position the lights higher up. During the vegetative phase, make sure the plants receive light every day for at least eighteen hours and stay in darkness for six hours (with auto flowers, you can choose to keep the lights on during all stages).

Fresh green leaves, branches, and stems will all develop through the vegetative phase. However, flowers will start appearing only during the flowering stage. This is why we choose to use autoflower seeds so that we do not have to worry about a feeding schedule. You should be extremely cautious not to overfeed or over water the plants under any circumstances. How would you know? Always check the soil. Pick up a grow bag. Check the weight of the buckets by lifting them, and you’ll have a fair idea of whether they can do with or without more watering. If there isn’t much water and moisture in the soil, the bag will be much lighter. Touch the top of the soil around your plants and feel it with your hand. If it’s moist, you do not need to water. Overwatering or over feeding can lead to the common burnt leaf tip problems.

Keep in mind one rule of thumb when you’re growing cannabis for the first time. Do not be too preoccupied or anxious with the growth and development of your crop; rather, let them develop naturally. Also bear in mind that since grow space is very limited in a grow tent, you should ensure to make the most of the available space. On your first grow, 3-5 plants should be plenty.

As a beginner grower, you can expect the best results if you grow auto-flowering varieties such as Six Shooter, Blackberry Auto, Purple Lemonade, Pineapple express or Cream cookies.

For bigger buds and large yields, you can choose to add nutrients specifically designed for cannabis. Here at exotic seeds club, we like to use Advanced Nutrients’ Sensei Grow A & B plus their big buds during the plant's flowering stage. This will usually yield about 2 pounds of buds per plant.

As your plant matures through the flowering stage you will want to start the flushing stage before harvesting. Another way to decipher the flushing stage is when the trichomes on the flowers turn from clear to cloudy indicating it is time to start the flushing process.

Always use plain tap water for flushing the growing medium. Continue to water your plant in the same quantity of water except without any nutrients this time. The time when you will stop flushing the plants depends on the trichomes. Using a magnifying glass, look through the trichomes on your plants. Aim for a 60% cloudy and 40% amber trichomes. Then you can stop the flushing and move onto the harvest.

Maximizing yield

When it comes to pruning, ensure that you begin early to maximize yield. Make sure to nip away fan leaves that block any bud sites. They take away the light and nourishment of your buds. Control the urge to prune or clip the moment the plants start flowering as doing so might adversely affect your harvest. Your goal here is not to get the biggest plant but to get the biggest yield. This will require some experimenting and growing experience. Sometimes, this will require nipping away extra branches to redirect nutrients to near by buds. As you continue to grow, you’ll develop a sense of when to prune away needless leaves that get in the way of your harvest.


Harvesting the crop and processing the yield

Realizing when to pick the buds is as crucial as understanding the growth process. Look up the trichomes closely with a magnifying lens. These glandular hairs are known as “crystals,” and the glandular stalks of these hairs abound the euphoric compounds of THC and CBD.

The ideal time to harvest would be when the trichomes start turning a gray-white clouded color and before they take on an amber hue. If you’re looking forward to heady highs, then wait until the stalks become fully amber. Once you’re done with picking the buds, hang them up in your tent for drying. Allow 10 - 14 days for the flowers to dry.

Once you notice that the buds have dried up completely, preserve them in mason jars with hermetic sealing for curing. Once every few days, take out a stem or two and try to snap them; if they curve instead of snapping, this indicates that the buds have not fully dried up.

At this stage, you don’t have any other option than to allow the curing of the buds that’ll completely remove the moisture. Always store the jars in a dry and cool room away from light.

Close and open the jars a couple of times a day to allow the outside dry air to replace the moisture inside the containers.

You can already start smoking them during this stage if you prefer or you can continue to cure them for a month.

Why Autoflowering Cannabis strains?

Even some professional growers may struggle to cultivate pure Indica and Sativa strains as nurturing these varitals to their full potential calls for a degree of experience. Autoflowers make this process much easier.

One can harvest the same popular strains such as Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Purple Lemonade and enjoy the yield and process along the way.

Autoflowers are bred with a ruderalis genetic that allows them to harvest without any lights off feeding schedules. Thus, taking care of autoflower cannabis is much easier than purebred genetics which require up to 8 hours of lights off sleep time. The slightest effect to their growing cycles can affect one’s harvest and end up being very costly in time and resources.

FastBuds autoflowers have been around for over 10 years and gained major popularity from around the world bringing it to the mainstream.. We are very proud to offer such top notch autoflower seeds as a seedbank. You can browse the selection in our seeds section if you enjoyed some of the flower strains mentioned. We look forward to another amazing year in 2021. Thanks for your constant support.