How long does shipping take?

Shipping takes 7-10 days. After you place an order, please allow 3 business days process time from the date of your order. From there we ship via express mailing along with emailing you a tracking number.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal and all major credit cards. After you place an order, you'll receive a confirmation email to check out.


1) What are Autoflowering seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are simpler to cultivate than photoperiodic varieties, since they don't require changing light cycles to bloom, and reach maturity faster. They are especially useful in milder climates, and for growers with limited vertical space.

2) Why are Fast Buds autoflowers superior?
Fast Buds prides itself on years of intensive research to select the most desirable traits for our autoflowers, from growing to taste, aroma, effect, and much more.
From day one, we've been dedicated to mixing the most famous Cali and global strains with our own advanced autoflowering genetics.

3) Where is Fast Buds located?
We have offices, distributors and representatives in Los Angeles, Latin America, the EU and Eastern Europe.

4) Where does Fast Buds ship from?
We ship out of a converted warehouse in the most tourist-friendly area of downtown Barcelona, Spain. Our official distributors ship within four continents.

5) Does Fast Buds sell good medical marijuana (MMJ) seeds?
We can never promise medical cures, but certain strains can work wonders in many cases of pain or suffering.
Relief is often instant, and with longer-term use, you may find gradual improvement of a physical condition and/or your state of mind.
Always consult your doctor before using cannabis to treat serious conditions.

6) How can I contact you about an issue with my order?
We're here for you! Any problem with your order will be taken care of. Just email and please include your order code & full name in the subject header.

7) Can I get in trouble if I grow seeds in my backyard?
We advise you to check local laws to see what's legal in your country/state.

8) Do you offer stealth shipping?
Yes – all our standard envelopes and packages are white/plain with no indication of contents, or any reference to the sender.
Buyers may also purchase a Fast Buds t-shirt, which goes in a larger envelope with your seeds stashed in the middle.

9) Can I return my seeds or get a refund/replacement?
Seeds cannot be returned, but we do offer replacements in certain cases (see below). We do NOT guarantee anything during the cultivation phase. Not every plant grows the same.

10) What's the germination warranty?

Our warranty covers initial seed failure, when germination does not occur. In such cases write to and please include your order code & full name in the subject header, attach a photo of everything you received, and briefly explain how you attempted to germinate the seed(s).

11) I ordered seeds, they haven't arrived. What happened?

In 99% of cases, orders are posted between 24-48 hours of receiving payment. Delays may occur due to public holidays, flight cancellations, bad weather, or airline/airport/postal strikes.

12) How can I tell if you received my order?

When you place an online order, all details are automatically saved to our database. You'll receive a confirmation email (if you don't see anything in your inbox, check your spam emails). You can log in to the Fast Buds website at any time to check your order status. As soon as your seeds are shipped, you'll receive a notification email, and the order status will be updated.


1) I am a first-time grower. Is this going to work?

Our seeds are suitable for beginners and pros alike! They require very little maintenance for respectable yields. For best results, experiment carefully with different conditions and techniques.

2) How do I germinate my seeds?

Our basic Germination Guide is a good start for first-timers.

3) If I live in a mild climate, will this affect my crops?

Our autoflowers are all capable of maturing within the space of even a short summer (2-3 months).

4) Should I grow my plant indoors or outdoors?

All of our strains can be grown either indoors or outdoors, but if you have decent indoor conditions, yield will almost always be superior. The most important factors are lighting and nutrients.

5) How much do autoflowering strains yield?

The bud yield from autoflower plants will vary depending on the specific strain, as well as the grow conditions (soil, light, etc.) and the grower's skill.

Our strains can achieve between 400–750 g/m2 of bud indoors, and between 100-350 g/plant outdoors.

6) How can autoflowering yields be improved?

We don't endorse any particular techniques. Please understand the science of what you are doing first. One of the advantages of autoflower strains is that they require less maintenance, and using advanced techniques to improve yields can easily backfire and end up producing less. We do advise against transplanting our strains from one environment to another.

7) Can't grow all my seeds now, how do I store them?

You should keep seeds refrigerated between 8-12 ºC (45-55 ºF). Where there is no fridge, keep seeds away from light and humidity, and as close as possible to the temperatures mentioned.